Our range of 2 post vehicle lifts are European built, using some of the best steel available. We offer based and baseless lifts, which are able to raise cars off the ground so that work can be carried out underneath them without the problem of a post getting in the way.

The advantage of the 2 post lift means the mechanic can easily reach any part of the vehicle located on the underbelly. These car lifts also increase space in the workshop whilst not losing lifting power.

Two post lifts are one of the more popular choices, because it allows the most access to the car.

Two post lifts are also known as “Frame Engaging Lifts”, meaning they hold the car by the frame and the wheels hang freely.

What’s the difference between symmetric and asymmetric?
Symmetric 2 post lifts will keep the car centred on the lift, whereas Asymmetric 2 post lifts will keep more of the vehicle behind the posts, enabling the doors to open wider.