Vehicle air con machines are used to test and refill the refrigerant gas in vehicles. There are some important changes in regulations regarding using the correct gas, so it is important to note that by 2017 all test stations need to be using the new HF01234yf gas in place of the existing R134a. From the beginning of 2012 all new vehicles will have the new gas in place. This change is due to the new gas being more environmentally friendly and economical.

Do you know about the Bigas?

The Bigas offers the ability to operate with both the existing and the new gas available in the newer vehicles.

How it works?

The Breeze cleans the hoses of the internal circuit before the new gas can circulate. Purchasing the Bigas will save money for the future regulation changes whilst also still being usable on older vehicles until the regulation comes in.

The Bigas Breeze by Spin is a fully automatic vehicle air con machine with colour TFT display and printer. The benefits of using this air con over its competitors is the use of both gases, rather than one or the other. The difference between the new gas and the existing gas is that the current gas is harmful to the atmosphere, with a lifespan of 12 years compared to just 11 days with the new HF01234yf gas.


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Bigas Aircon

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