Bigas Vehicle Air Con Machine

The highly awaited air con machine of the year has finally reached V-Tech UK. As From the beginning of 2012 new vehicles will have the new gas HF01234yf, the existing gas R134a will be legal until 2017. In light of this a new air con machine has been created to fill the gap in the market. The Bigas Breeze by Spin is Fully Automatic A/C station with colour TFT display and printer.
The new Spin Breeze model is equipped to operate both refrigerant R134a and HFO1234yf. This machine is fully capable with the new gas introduced to new vehicles whilst also being compatible with the current gas until 2017. The main features of this powerful machine are, low global warning potential and lifespan of just 11 days in the atmosphere, compared with the current gas used which is harmful to the atmosphere and lasts 12 years in our atmosphere. Considering this main feature makes the new Breeze very environmentally friendly and economical.
The Breeze by Spin is equipped with 100lt/1 vacuum pump, 2 tanks of 12.5kg, compressor of 400gr/1 and pairs of couplings for R134a and HFO1234yf, and the printer is also included.
The station is based with a TFT colour screen, 5 by 6 inches, can operate both on standard installations and hybrid ones with oil scale and specific software.
Technical features include;
ØAutomatic recovery

ØAutomatic oil discharge

ØProgrammable vacuum

ØAutomatic gas charge and pressure test

Ø Built in database (cars, industrial vehicles, agricultural machines)

ØAutomatic selection of charging hoses

ØDischarge of incondensable gases

ØHose length adjustment

ØAutomatic internal cleaning

ØDigital Gauges
The ability to work with both gases is very useful at this time until 2017, the Breeze also cleans the hoses of the internal circuit before the new gas can circulate. V-Tech UK are proud to supply this great new air con machine and look forward to the continuous hard work from our collaborators Spin.